With the aim to achieve in every aspect the best performance of created buildings and master plans in designated locations on a global scale, human centered concepts with innovative solutions are prepared at MJZ. From 2013 over the period of 10 years we have approached many very different from one another typologies - ranging from skyscrapers, adaptable car service stations, urban farming masterplans to fashion shows or bridges. Everytime knowledge is key in what we do. The design process in the office work relies therefore heavily on gathering and processing data. In order to come up with the most innovative and local ideas we examine not only the main subject and theme but also everything connected to it in the widest context as possible. To find and harness the hidden potential of each project site, we invest a lot of time on research on the environment's climate, cultural heritage, surroundings, history or even it's past and current economical and political situation. This not only improves the concept and creates opportunities to foster innovative never before seen solutions for local issues but also prevents setbacks in the next project phases. This creative approach does not effect the declared project timeframe and costs thanks to o a design process which is grounded on testing and a selection method to reach the best possible performative outcome and eliminate the one that would fail to do so on a specific site. The end result ideas behind our bold and visionary concepts are visualised everytime in the outside form of the outcome - thus creating perfomative icons that are not focused on a specific style or fashion.
We believe in climate change and want to address it clearly. We don't treat sustainability as just another interesting project feature which delivers certificates. ESG is embed in the very core of our work which highlights the importance of incorporating nature into cities and building from the bottom up. Smart pragmatic water retention systems or the use of recycled materials on a bigger scale can be also seen in our executed work.
Sometimes also not building at all is the only right answer and we turn to district refurbishment projects that become beacons for positive sustainable changes in other places in cities.
We love networking. Collaborations with local consultants, architects, global technical and engineering companies additionally facilitate the execution of our designs.
Our client list is as diverse as the end users of our projects. From real estate developers, municipalities or the energy sector to city activists, tech companies or fashion brands - we welcome them all to contact us anytime to create value with design.