With the aim to achieve in every aspect the best performance of created buildings and master plans, human centered concepts with innovative solutions are prepared in MJZ. Collaborations with local consultants, technical and engineering companies additionally facilitate their execution. In order to have the best actual data ground base for these and other services we provide which are related to urban design thinking or placemaking, the office also enters in collaborations with educational institutions. Over the course of five years we have worked globally on 36 sites receiving commissions and as well participating in limited invited competitions for private and governmental projects not only in Poland but as well in other countries in Europe, South and North America, Central Asia or North Africa.
Both in our daily operations as in final presentations we use physical model making as one of the main tools and advanced technologies such as 3D printing or Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) equipment.


We believe in climate change and want to address it clearly. We don't treat sustainability as just another interesting project feature which delivers certificates. It is embed in the very core of our work which highlights the importance of incorporating nature into cities and building from the bottom up. Performance is key in them. The main concept is bold and visible in the outside form.
In order to come up with the most innovative and local ideas we want to know as much as possible about the location. We invest a lot of time on research including the environment's climate, cultural heritage, surroundings, history or even it's past and current economical and political situation. Only then we can avoid withdrawing mistakes and create original concepts that improve the living conditions of people through quality architecture and sometimes create never before used solutions for local issues. This creative process does not effect the declared project timeframe and costs thanks to our design process which has a base on testing and selection by showcasing the best possible solutions and eliminating the ones that would fail. In each project we invest a major part of the time on research to come up with original. We want to have the full knowledge not only about the typology related to the main subject but about the site itself in the widest context as possible. Climate, history, economy or even the political state are conditions we find important to examine in order to improve the concept and prevent setbacks in the next project phases.