How much of an old heating plant can be reused to create a cultural & community center?

The new Sofia Center for Art and Culture is a renovation of an old former thermal power station, a prefabricated concrete pavilion which has been a derelict for decades that would change into a place for the expression of independent artists in Bulgaria and prove that abandoned industrial spaces in urban areas have the potential for new life.Here the remains of it’s previous use would be exposed not only to emphasize it’s previous function but in order to go well in line with it’s new purpose related to culture.
The proposed design preserves original plant elements including a long deep technical hole in the floor stretching through all the main building which would be used now for circulation, while also incorporating a range of innovative architectural and curatorial devices.Together they would provide a wide range of interior an exterior conditions between spectators and artists that go well beyond the average event scene-seating area space division or forge new relationships when it comes to creating, presenting and viewing art.To create appropriate environments for that the facility has been divided into special zones related to access and acoustics.Public loud functions with the entrance,event hall,exhibition and café in the front part have been connected with an underground corridor to a separated center for artists with additional special areas of solitude and contemplation for creators deriving it’s form from their type of activities.From the outside however the existing concrete structure would be enclosed with a white adaptable moving division wall which resembles a welcoming entrance curtain that depending on different needs would double the event hall size or divide the inside and outside area to fit various possible functions.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Type: Competition
Date : June 2017
Building Program: Artist working areas, exhbition spaces, multifunctional hall,outdoor performance square, cafe, bookstore
Project Leader : Maciej Jakub Zawadzki
Team: Łukasz Wenclewski , Michał Polak, Sylvana Repsi, Sebastiano Cutrupi
Client: City of Sofia,Bulgaria