We are tech-savy designers we don't create software engines and technological solutions but know how to efficiently use or adapt it to our needs for the benefit of the client and the users in general. Through our architectural consultation services we act as a bridge between the building or real estate sector and tech companies that are interested in entering them. We facilitate the implementation of their products in new markets.
Our office daily work is also based on technologies with 3D models we create that help to visualise in real-time the ongoing constant project work changes - either related with the budget or people participation.  We know how to process efficiently  data in digital twins to evaluate the ammount of materials or waste used or to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings or their groups. Solutions we propose can be seen in an another dimention that we present with AR or VR applications that we create for headsets, desktop computers or mobile devices. They showcase not only the life inside but also outside of the investement in a city scale. All related services are delivered through our tech branch BuildingVR.



We see a great future in integrating Augmented Reality (AR) solutions in our field of work. By using popular mobile devices it can deliver in real time a new dimension with urban information to a wider range of citizens and other users. Data about the public transportation, traffic, harvesting natural resources or energy for the city smart grid, rent availability and many more. All that can be part of a city infographics system projected on devices we have in our pockets. For this purpose MJZ has established a tech branch of the office that creates apps and simulations for cities and their inhabitants, the real estate and contractors.