The concept to extend the most central park in the city above it's most frequented and polluted highway

Project Description:
For many years city and district activists from "Miasto Jest Nasze" and "Stowarzyszenie Ochocianie" have thought about hiding one of the noisiest, busiest and ugliest in terms of pollution it generates, highways in the capital of Poland. The local elections taking place in 2018 where a perfect time to remind everyone (including the city officials who are the decission makers) about this green strategy that is not an utopian urban project. Similiar solutions have been tested before in a worldwide scale in different locations - including some proposals we prepared for Atlanta in the USA or Seoul in South Korea. Our approach for Warsaw had the main focus area on Pole Mokotowskie. It is like the Central Park in this city offering a generous natural area where many activities can be performed. The simplest thing to do was extending it above Aleja Armii Ludowej which already runs partially in a tunnel.  On top of the raised above the highway area different landscape designed squares would be stretching along. To avoid a claustrophobic feeling underneath they would open up, creating voids that bring natural light for the car users. They would be positioned in special locations where the lack of horizontal natural areas would be compensated with vertical green surfaces or even trees on adjacent building facades.

Architect: MJZ
Collaboration: Miasto Jest Nasze ; Ochocianie Sąsiedzi (City Activists)
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Project leader: Michał Polak
Team: Łukasz Wenclewski, Michał Polak, Jan Gronkiewicz
Year: 2018